Bandwidth upgrade on all shared accounts

Increased bandwidth at no extra cost.

Bandwidth limit has been upgraded on all our shared web hosting accounts. To view your new limits please login to cPanel or go to our shared web hosting page.

18th Jan 2006
PHP Global Changes

Important update to our php configuration...Due to serious security issues, register_globals will no longer be enabled by default on our servers. However, if your scripts rely on this setting to be active then it can still be enabled in the .htaccess file for your domain. Please note this should only be used as a quick fix and not as a permanent ... Read More »

11th Jan 2006
Microsoft Internet Explorer multiple vulnerabilities

New, highly critical security issues with Microsoft Internet Explorer have been reported.

Three new security vulnerabilities can be used to attack or compromise a user's system.

Solution: Patches are available from the Windows Update web site.

10th Aug 2005

All clients running phpBB should upgrade to version 2.0.13.

All clients running phpBB, including phpBB module of PHP-Nuke should upgrade or patch to version 2.0.13 due to serious security issues. 

If you are running a Fantastico installation of phpBB you can upgrade through your control panel.

18th Apr 2005